PASS Program – Positive Actions for Student Success

What is the PASS program?

  • PASS targets students who are identified as at-risk of not graduating or dropping out of school.
  • These are the non attendees, students living in the group home, mental health concerns, sickness, etc.
  • The teacher is referred to as the Student Success Teacher (SST).

How can my child avail of this program?

  • Students are referred to the SST teacher by administration, guidance counselors or classroom teachers.
  • If they meet the criteria for the program, we create a plan to improve attendance and offer temporary support based on each student’s individual needs.

How does it help?

  • PASS programming may help a student reconnect with school in person, experience academic success, and find their way through a difficult life situation.
  • Support examples include providing a safe and caring environment to complete work, helping the student gain confidence, getting extra help and then returning to the regular classroom as they are able.