Video Game Club

starting again for for 2022 – Video Game Club Returns!

This is an after school drop-in club that meets in the Library on Thursday afternoons from 2:15 to 4:15 pm. Students needing rides are to be picked up from the school no later than 4:30 pm, please.


There are a number of systems here at the school, ranging from Original NES (with Duck Hunt) to WiiU and Xbox One and PS4. We have Guitar Hero and Dance Dance Revolution, and an assortment of other classic and vintage video games.

(Psst – The club is not just for videogamers! If you would like to bring board games, Pokemon-style card games, tabletop role-playing games (Dungeons & Dragons, etc), you name it, we have the space!)

Students are also allowed to bring in any systems they wish to play, as well as any games that are of interest to them. The games can be rated:

  • E (everyone)
  • E 10+
  • T (teen)

No M (mature) or A (adult) games, please!

All game systems must be able to be hooked up to a standard CRT (tube) television – HDMI connections are limited. Students are also responsible for packing up at the end of the club, and returning the Library to the condition they found it (TVs put away, chairs and tables neatly arranged, etc.).

Please note that MDJH is not responsible for lost or stolen items. If a student brings in a game and/or game system, it is strongly recommended that they lock these items in their lockers, or check them in at the office until after school. Games and systems are to be taken home at the end of each club session, as we are unable to store them here at the school.

Macdonald Drive Junior High is an inclusive environment, and we welcome all gamers to the club. We endeavour to treat everyone with respect – harassment, bullying, foul language and/or other inappropriate behaviours are not tolerated, and may result in not being allowed to participate in future club sessions.

If you need more information, please see Mr. Walsh in room 216.