Late French Immersion (LFI) – Grade 6 Students Coming to MDJH in September 2016

Please see attached PDF document should you have or know of a student who plans to attend MDJH grade 7 LFI in September 2016. Should a student reside in our zone or attend one of our feeder schools and is interested in doing Late French Immersion (LFI) he/she will be given this document to fill out and return to their respective school. Once screened/recommended, it will be forwarded onto the District. The reason for the LFI application is to identify numbers for staffing purposes. Should a student apply after the deadline there is no guarantee that LFI will be an option. In the past we have had students at other schools outside our zone make application to do LFI at the particular Junior High in which they were zoned. Consequently, when they moved into our zone it was after the deadline and they were not registered to specifically do LFI at MDJH but rather at the Junior High in which they were previously zoned. Parents need to be cognizant of the process and the parameters involved with the Late French immersion program should a move in residence be forthcoming.

LFI 2016-17 – Application Pkg 2

Thank You