School Nurse

Easten Health logoJune 13th, 2016

Dear Parent/Guardian:

A case of head lice has been detected at MDJH. Anyone can get head lice, mainly through direct head to head contact but also from sharing hats, combs, hair brushes, headphones, helmets, hair accessories, and other personal items.

Parents or guardians may feel frustrated or embarrassed, however the problem has nothing to do with standards of cleanliness. Please do your part to prevent the spread of head lice by checking your child daily for the next few weeks and weekly thereafter. Lice infestation is much easier to treat if caught early.

If your child has head lice, please start treatment immediately and notify your child’s school. A booklet titled, Managing Head Lice at Home, is available through your school or school nurse. This booklet can also be found electronically on the Eastern Health website:

Once a case of head lice has been found all family members should be checked as well.

If you have further questions please contact the Public Health Nurse.



Shirley Powell
Public Health Nurse
752 4899