Updated School Sports Practice Schedule

2:30-4:00pm – Grade 8 Boys Basketball
4:30-6:00pm – Grade 8 Boys Volleyball
Grade 7 Boys Volleyball

2:30-4:00pm – Grade 9 Boys Volleyball
Grade 9 Girls Volleyball ( Team Walsh )
4:30-6:00pm – Grade 9 Girls Basketball

2:30-4:00pm – Grade 8 Girls Volleyball ( Team Hassan )
Grade 9 Girls Volleyball ( Team House )
4:30-6:00pm – Grade 7 Girls Volleyball ( Team Foley )
Grade 7 Girls Volleyball ( Team Goldsworthy )

2:30-4:00pm – Grade 7 Girls Basketball
4:30-6:00pm – Grade 7 Boys Basketball

2:30-4:00pm – Grade 9 Boys Basketball
4:30-6:00pm – Grade 9 Boys Volleyball
Grade 8 Girls Volleyball ( Team Keough )

11:00-12:30pm – Grade 8 Girls Basketball
1:00-2:30pm – Grade 8 Girls Volleyball ( Team Keough )
Grade 9 Girls Volleyball ( Team Walsh )
3:00-4:30pm – Grade 9 Girls Volleyball ( Team House )

Chromebook Update

Dear Student and Family,

The District is pleased to inform you that the first shipment of Chromebooks ordered for our Grades 7-12 students has arrived in our Labrador region. We anticipate delivery of the Chromebooks for the remaining regions early in the new year.

This is an exciting time for the District, as these devices will allow for new ways to enhance in-class teaching and learning; provide continuity of learning in the event in-class instruction is interrupted, and generally reinforce quality education by enabling learning opportunities and access to online educational resources from home.

This is also a great life learning opportunity for our Grades 7-12 students. Technology is embedded in the very fabric of almost all aspects of today’s society. Accepting responsibility for both the care of the physical device, and its appropriate use, creates a foundation for your remaining secondary education and your future.

To that end, there is a detailed agreement attached for signature by parents/guardians and the student accepting responsibility for the device entrusted to you by the District for the duration of your secondary education. While formal in appearance, the agreement is standard and simply ensures everyone is aware of the equipment provided to the student; the expectation of care and appropriate use, along with what costs the District – and potentially parents – may incur in the event of abuse or misplacement of the device. Please return the signed Chromebook Loan Agreement Form (please click here to download it, or ask for a copy at the main office) to your child’s Homeroom teacher. These forms are due by January 29, 2021.

The Chromebook is to be returned to the school upon graduation/school-leaving, much like a textbook provided by the school. As you can appreciate, it is important that our future Grades 7-12 students are able to avail of these devices to enhance their education experience as well.

We hope you will embrace this exciting opportunity.


Food Drive Gift Card Winner

Congratulations go out to Nate P. in Homeroom 9-2. Nate’s name was drawn on December 18th from all of those who participated in the Christmas Food Drive. He was awarded a $100.00 Best Buy gift card by Mr. Connolly, who headed up the Food Drive, and by school principal Ms. Pike. Congratulations, Nate!