School Supplies For The New School Year

Here is the recommended school supply list for the 2018-19 school year:

  • Loose Leaf paper
  • Duotangs, different colours
  • HB Pencils
  • Pens
  • Exercise books, preferably not coil
  • Liquid paper
  • Scissors
  • Coloured leads
  • Graphing paper
  • Erasers
  • Math Set
  • Calculator
  • 1 inch binders for Core Subjects
  • French English Dictionary
  • 555 French Verbs

Schedule for June 25 – 28

With exams starting tomorrow (Wednesday, June 20th), today is the last regular day of classes. But school is not over! Here is the schedule for next week:

  • Monday, June 25 – Walk around the ponds (Kent and Long pond)
  • Tuesday, June 26 – Fun Day
  • Wednesday – Movie Day
  • Thursday – Report Card Day

Students will be dismissed at 12:30 pm on Thursday, June 28th. The buses will be leaving the school at that time.

Please note that report cards will only be handed out after the assembly has finished. If a student is not present to get their card, it will be mailed out in the following week.

Bus Route Update – Bus 12

This memo is applicable to families of students who are serviced by bus route 17-138A-12A with service to/from MacDonald Drive Junior High. As of Monday, June 18, 2018:

  • Relocation of bus stop at Roche Street & Alderdice Place to Roche Street & Abraham Street
  • Relocation of bus stop at 58 Portugal Cove Road to Portugal Cove Road & First Avenue
  • Route 17-138A-12A will be detoured onto Abraham Street and First Avenue

This is a result of work undertaken by the City of St. John’s, causing a road closure on Portugal Cove Road, between Elizabeth Avenue and Kerry Avenue/First Street. The city indicates this road closure is anticipated to be in effect until the end of the school year.

Please click here for further details. Bus route documents can also be obtained from the school’s profile page on the District’s website, Please contact or (709)757-4664 if you require further information.

Locker Clear Out / Book Replacement Costs

locker clean out

It’s that time of year again – time to clean out the lockers before exams! All lockers are to be emptied by the end of day on Tuesday, June 19th, and the locks are to be returned to the homeroom teachers. Any lockers not emptied by this time will be emptied by the school custodial staff. Any locks not returned will result in a $10 fee charged to the student, so make sure your teachers know you passed it in!

Teachers are also in the process of collecting textbooks. Books that are not returned to the school will have to be replaced, and students are responsible for the replacement costs. To see how much you will need to pay to replace a textbook, please consult this list.

Ms. Power has also been in the process of collecting the outstanding library books, and students who do not return their library books will also be charged $10 per missing book. Please contact Ms. Power for more information.

No Breakfast Club / Cafeteria Service During Exams

There will not be any cafeteria service during exams or for the last week of school. Students who are staying in during lunch will need to bring their own food, or go out to eat.

There will also not be any Breakfast Club during exams. There will be a “Grab & Go” service in the mornings for items such as juice boxes, granola bars and cereal bars.

We are asking for donations from the school community to help us with this service. If possible, could you donate one of the following items:

  • Grade 7- granola bars
  • Grade 8- cereal bars
  • Grade 9- juice boxes

Also a reminder that all items need to be peanut free. Items will be accepted up until exam time.

Baseball Champs!

Congratulations go out the the MDJH Grade 7 Baseball team, as well as coaches Dave and Nikki. They were the winners in the Old Town Pizza Classic Grade 7 Baseball Tournament. Way to go, Grizzlies!

Duke of Edinburgh Hike

This weekend, students in the Duke of Edinburgh program took to the hills, hiking and tenting along the East Coast Trail. The weather was not what we would like to see in June, but they all made it back nonetheless!

At the start of the hike.

At the end of the trail.


This past week, MDJH Grade 8 students visited Memorial University’s Departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry for a hands on experience under the leadership of Dr. Karen Hattenhauer.  Students conducted experiments and watched an array of demonstration of cool (and hot) chemical reactions.