Important Dates for the End of the School Year

The last day of regular classes will be Tuesday, June 18th. Exams begin on Wednesday, June 19th.

The last day for cafeteria service will be Tuesday, June 18th.

The Breakfast Program will be ending full service as of Tuesday, June 18th. As of Wednesday, June 19th, it will be operating on a “Grab-and-Go” basis.

All lockers must be cleaned out by the end of Tuesday, June 18th. Locks will be collected in by homeroom teachers at that point, and any lost locks will have to be replaced at a cost of $10.00.

All textbooks are to be returned to subject teachers, or handed in during exam periods. Lost or damaged textbooks will have to be replaced for their actual cost. English Textbook Costs     French Textbook Costs

The MDJH app will be ending as of the end of the school year.  This will have no impact on our school website or PowerSchool.

Monday, June 24th is a Professional Development Day for teachers. The school will not be open for students on that day.

The last day of the school year is Thursday, June 27th. Students will be dismissed at 12:30 pm, and report cards will be handed out just prior to this. Buses will be making their regular runs at this time.

Please note that report cards will not be released early. Students who did not attend classes on June 27th will have to wait until report cards are delivered to the office before they can be given out. Any report cards not handed out on June 27th or picked up on June 28th will be mailed out the following week.

215,931 Lines of Code

That is the number of lines of code 22 Homeroom groups (approximately 528 students) wrote in their Technology courses during the 2018 – 2019 school year as part of our “Hour of Code” initiative. Actually most classes completed “Three Hours of Code”. Students used an online app called Coding Studio to complete exercises focused on the fundamentals of computer programming i.e. Coding. The exercises utilized an user-friendly interface (the Blocks) which use the programming language Javascript.

An extension to our Coding exercises in select Grade 7 and Grade 9 classes has been the use of a micro-computer product called the BBC Micro:bit. Students used an online app called Microsoft MakeCode to extend their Coding to a device separate to the Computers from which the Coding was being completed. As expressed by many students … “This is Really Cool Sir!”

Mr. G. would like to thank his colleagues in the Science Department for helping the school to secure the approximately $1000 worth of Micro:bits which were donated through the non-profit organization and the Government of Canada CanCode initiative.

Dunk Tank – Friday, June 7th!

Ever dream of dunking your teacher? Now’s your chance! On Friday, June 7th, MDJH will host a Dunk Tank at lunchtime, and Ziggy Peelgoods will be here as well!

Tickets to try a dunk will be sold in advance on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week during recess and lunch!

  • 1 ball= $2
  • 3 balls= $5
  • 7 balls = $10
  • 15 balls = $20

Tickets will also be sold for those interested in purchasing Ziggy’s for that lunch time!

  • fries ($5)
  • poutine ($7)!

ALL tickets will be sold in advance and there will be no tickets available the day of!

The dunking will start promptly at 11:25 am and will run until the bell at 12:14 pm. Mr. Porter will draw tickets from the basket and we will dunk until we can dunk no longer.

Students MUST be present and ready to throw the ball when called to dunk their chosen teacher!

All proceeds will go towards funding our Children’s Wish drive. We may even have special guests here from Children’s Wish as well!

80s Day – Wednesday, June 5th

To celebrate music in our school and the spring concert theme, we invite staff and students to dress in 80’s inspired apparel on Wednesday, June 5th. Throw on some neon, sport a side pony-tail or dress like your favorite 80’s icon!

Replacement Book Costs

It’s that time of year again, when students have to start returning their textbooks to teachers. In the case where a book has been lost or damaged, the student is expected to reimburse the school for the cost of that book. Please check the lists below to see how much a book costs to replace.

English Stream

French / French Immersion

Library – $10 (softcover/paperback) / $20 (hardcover)

Student Leadership Award Application

We are now accepting applications for Grade 9 students who are interested in the Student Leadership Award.

The criteria for this award are as follows:

  • Be a positive role model in the classroom
  • Be a positive role model in any school-based activity
  • Take a leadership role in curricular and co-curricular activities
  • Maintain a good attendance/punctuality record
  • Maintain a good academic standing
  • Work to his/her academic potential

Students must write a 500 word essay on why they should be considered for this award referencing the above criteria. Students will be presented with a certificate and have their names permanently inscribed on the school Student Leadership tableau in front of the main office. The deadline for application is Monday, June 12.

Click here to download the application.

Spring Concert

Our Spring Concert is Wednesday, June 5th at 7:00 pm in the school gymnasium. Fast pass tickets go on sale Wednesday, May 29th in the office at a cost of $5.00 each. Tickets will be available at the door. This year we are going with an 80’s theme so students are encouraged to raid your closets for 80’s apparel. Please do not buy anything new for this show. Their regular clothes are fine. Maybe just roll up the short sleeves or the pant legs, add a side pony tail and a scrunchie or pop the shirt collars and ta-da, 80’s!