Curriculum Night Tonight!

Our Curriculum Night is tonight! We hope to see you here!

Our main school doors will be open from 6:45 pm on, and we will be getting underway at 7:00 pm. Parents and guardians are asked to proceed to the gym for a Welcome Presentation, then will proceed to their student’s homeroom to start a Day One journey through MDJH. Homeroom teachers will have schedules for you, and will help guide you on your way.

See you at 7:00!

Bus 13 (Pine Line) Detour Starts Tues, Sept 19th

There is a change to the Bus 13 route starting on Tuesday morning for the students on Pine Line. There will be no vehicular or pedestrian traffic through Pine Line for approx 4 days.

The bus contractor will remain the same (Dave Gulliver Cabs Ltd) but the driver will not be the driver that students currently have. We will be monitoring the progress of the construction and if needed, we will extend the service until the completion of the work.

Notice of Pine Line Construction

Picture Day and Other Important Dates

Picture day at MDJH will be on Thursday, September 21st.

Other Important Dates to Remember:
Curriculum Night—Thursday, September 21, 7:00 pm
School PD Day—Friday, September 22 (no classes for students)
District Close Out (Jr. High) — Thursday, October 19 (no classes for students)

Some Safety Measures for Schools/Playgrounds

There has been discussion in recent months about city residents finding items of concern, such as used needles, both in public places and on school grounds. As you know, such items may pose a risk to individuals who come in contact with them. Please find attached three posters created by the regional health authorities; one informs students not to touch such items if found, another addresses students in French, and the third poster instructs adults on the proper way to dispose of such items if necessary.

What to do if you find a needle (English poster)

What to do if you find a needle (French poster)

What to do if you find a needle (Information for Adults)