Federal Candidates Speak at MDJH

Since the recent federal election call, several of our Grade 9 classes have been spending time in their English classes learning about our system of government and what the election means in hopes that they will become future voters. Today we were very fortunate to have three of the four candidates for St. John’s East speak to these students about themselves, their parties, and their platforms. We extend a sincere thanks to Nick Whelan (Liberal), Jack Harris (NDP), and David Parsons (Green). It was a very informative session, and the candidates were asked a number of questions by our students. During the week of October 15 – 18, there will be a Student Voting Station set up in the school, as MDJH takes part in the national Student Votes program. After the election, we will be able to see how our students voted in comparison to the general public. We are very interested in seeing how MDJH votes!

Liberal Candidate Nick Whelan.

NDP Candidate Jack Harris.

Green Party Candidate David Parsons.

Grade 8 Field Trip to Winterton Wooden Boat Museum

For the first time at MDJH, all grade 8 students will get the opportunity to travel to the Winterton Wooden Boat Museum. Students get to take part in a variety of hands on activities such as knot tying, planing wood, and using a pulley to hoist a boat. A visit to the museum gives students a glimpse of life in an outport community and they learn about the different types of boats used in the fishery, from a dory to a motor boat.

Reminder – PD Day on Friday, October 4

Reminder to our school community that there is a Professional Development Day for MDJH on Friday, October 4th – tomorrow! There will be no classes as a result.

There is also a Professional Development Day next Friday, October 11th. There will be no classes on that day.

There are also no classes on Monday, October 14th due to the Thanksgiving holiday.

Volleyball & Basketball Tryouts

Grade 7 Girls Basketball Tryout: Wednesday, October 2nd from 5:30-7:00pm

Grade 8 Boys “B” Basketball Tryout: Wednesday, October 2nd from 7:00-8:30pm

Grade 9 Boys Volleyball Tryout: Saturday, October 5th from 7:00 -8:30pm

Grade 7 Boys “B” Basketball Tryout: Sunday, October 6th from 11:30am -1:00pm

MDJH Looking for Coaches

MDJH Athletic Program is looking for volunteers to coach the following teams:

(1) Grade 7 boys volleyball: We are seeking a head coach. We currently have a parent willing to help out at all practices and games along with volunteers from high school to help with practices.

(2) Grade 8 girls “B” basketball team: We are seeking a head coach and an assistant coach.

If interested please contact:
Scott Mercer (scottmercer@nlesd.ca)
Donald Mackey (donaldmackey@nlesd.ca)

For the New School Year, I Hope To…

At the start of this school year, we asked our students a question – what is one thing that you hope for in this school year? As you might expect, we got some great responses! Here are how some of our homerooms responded:


7-1 8-1 9-1
7-2 8-9 9-2
7-4 8-10 9-5
7-6 8-11 9-6
7-7 9-9
Teachers / Staff

Homeroom 7-1

“My hope for the year is…”

  • … not to have homework and to have a good year.
  • … to achieve better grades and to make more friends and teams.
  • … to be picked for the volleyball team.
  • … to study hard.
  • … to have better attendance and to deal with my anxiety better.
  • … to make the basketball team and to get good grades.
  • … to get good grades and make a school sports team.
  • … to get to play hockey.
  • … to make new friends.
  • … to study harder than last year.
  • … to like all my teachers.
  • … to be good in all my subjects.
  • … to behave good.
  • … to talk to people more.
  • … to be able to do public speaking.

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Homeroom 7-2

“My hope is…”

  • to make friends.
  • to get better at drawing.
  • to have a great year.
  • to get good grades.
  • to make some new friends.
  • for less social anxiety.
  • to make the basketball team.
  • to make lots of friends and have an awesome school year.
  • to be good in science.
  • to get good grades in math.
  • to do good in school.
  • to make the basketball team, get good grades, plus good friends.
  • to get an over 80% average.
  • to be better in school.
  • to do well in all my classes this year.
  • to get in choir, to get 85% or higher in exams, make new friends.
  • to make lots of really nice friends.
  • to do really well in my courses.
  • to make it into choir.
  • to do well and have a good understanding in music.
  • to not get detention.
  • to have more friends.

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Homeroom 7-4

  • I hope that I read every good book in the library
  • To make the basketball team
  • I hope to make new friends
  • I hope to make lots of friends
  • Not to fail school
  • Not to be bad
  • I hope for better food
  • I hope I do well on my exams
  • I hope to have a good and fun year
  • I hope I do better than I ever have
  • To work hard
  • I hope to figure it all out

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Homeroom 7-6

“I Hope…”

  • To get on the Principal’s list with an average of 95 plus
  • To get good grades
  • To get a 95 plus average
  • To do good
  • To think positively
  • To make amazing new friends
  • To make new friends
  • To have great friends
  • To get more friends
  • To Make Lots of friends
  • Make the A team
  • To make the basketball team

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Homeroom 7-7

“I hope…”

  • To make the basketball team
  • To make new friends, get good grades, and to make both school basketball and baseball teams.
  • To make some new friends and make the volleyball and soccer team.
  • To make new friends.
  • To make the cheer team, a volleyball team and the Drama Club.
  • To be able to speak really good French by the end of the year.
  • To make the grade 7 basketball team and to speak at least a bit of french.
  • To make the basketball team.
  • To make the girls basketball team.
  • To make the soccer team and do well on my exams.
  • To make the peewee A hockey team.
  • To get on the principal’s list, improve my writing and drawing, to make some new friends and make the cheerleading squad.
  • To get all 90s or more and to get on the A team in b-ball.
  • To make the basketball team.
  • To get on the volleyball team.
  • To compete in Star 5 skating and place 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
  • To make the basketball team.
  • To be successful in French, to make the volleyball team and to make lots of new friends.
  • To spend more time with my new friends.
  • To make the MDJH cheer team this year.
  • To enjoy school and to make the NL elite basketball team.
  • To make the cheer and volleyball team and to get good grades.
  • To make the basketball team, the volleyball team and get on the principal’s list.
  • To make a lot of new friends this year.
  • To make new friends, create long lasting friendships, and to do good in school.
  • To make the school basketball team.
  • To play on one of the basketball teams.
  • To make a lot of new friends and make the hockey team.
  • To make the basketball and baseball teams and to average 80% in every subject.

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Homeroom 7-8

“What is our hope?”

  • Speak french fluently
  • Make new friends
  • Not fail
  • Speak french
  • Get a good mark in classes and exams
  • Make the volleyball team
  • Make honour roll
  • Make a sports team
  • Pay attention more
  • To study
  • Join choir
  • Get more than 98% average (more than my sister)
  • Become really good at French
  • Stay organized
  • Get an overall average above 90%
  • To do well on exams
  • Make the principal’s list
  • Do better at spelling
  • Know twice the amount of French as last year
  • Make the basketball team

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Homeroom 8-1

“This year, I hope…”

  • To earn a black belt in martial arts\
  • To have fun
  • To have a dog
  • Make the basketball team
  • To never have a cat
  • To get better grades
  • Make the volleyball team
  • To open up my own dance studio
  • To make people happy
  • To get better at chess
  • To have eternal peace
  • To have a great year
  • To finish grade 8
  • To be happy
  • To have a dog
  • To use non-plastic straws
  • To be a lawyer
  • To hike

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Homeroom 8-9

My hopes for this year:

  • to make the Principal’s List
  • to not get too much detention
  • to not get suspended
  • to not get in any trouble with any teachers or students
  • to learn and get better at french so I can speak and understand french
  • to get a bit better on math
  • to get better at studying
  • to get a 95% for every subject at the end of the year
  • to start playing badminton
  • to make the b team for hockey
  • to get good grades/ honors
  • to get over a 90% average in all my subjects
  • to make the basketball team and to get really good grades
  • to qualify for eastern swimming championships in Quebec City, Quebec
  • to qualify for the Canada games training camp also in swimming

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Homeroom 8-10

“I hope to…”

  • learn more about computers in Tech Class
  • get better at the different sports in Phys. Ed.
  • get Good Grades and have FUN.
  • get good Grades in All my Subjects.
  • pass Math
  • get good Grades and make the basketball team
  • everyone in the class has FUN.
  • get Good Grades on my exams and make the volleyball team
  • get Good Grades and have an overall average of 95% on my Report Card
  • have fun, get good Grades and meet new people

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Homeroom 8-11

  • I hope this year is better than last year.
  • I hope to get honours.
  • I hope to get good grades and to make new friends.
  • I hope to enjoy home ec.
  • I hope to have fun and get good grades.
  • I hope to be my best self all year and to do very good in school.
  • I hope to do well and to be my best self.
  • I hope to get 90% in every subject.
  • I hope to be liked by people.
  • I hope to be better at math this school year.
  • I hope to be nice to others.
  • I hope to get honours. I was so close last year.
  • I hope that this year is going to be fun.
  • I hope to get good grades.
  • I hope that no one will judge me for being who I am.
  • I hope to actually enjoy school.
  • I hope to get good grades.
  • I hope for a good school year.
  • I hope to get a good grade in math this year.
  • I hope for good grades and new friends

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Homeroom 9-1

“I hope…”

  • to progress in life
  • to excel
  • to get straight A’s
  • to be the best person I can be
  • to have fun
  • to get good grades and not fail anything
  • to be happy all the time, and have fun learning
  • to find more joy when dealing with myself, others
  • my efforts pay off
  • to do better in Math this year
  • to make new friends
  • to have a good year
  • to ace my exams
  • to pass with Honours

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Homeroom 9-2

  • I hope to have good grades going into high school.
  • I hope to pass with above 80 GPA.
  • I hope I can be a better friend.
  • I hope for the school year to go fast.
  • I hope I can get the best mark this year.
  • I hope I can make the soccer team.
  • I hope to learn more and pass this year.
  • I hope to make new friends and build better connections with them.
  • I hope to get my work done.
  • I hope to get good grades and make new friends.
  • I hope to get Gold in a two – D animation competition.
  • I hope to get better grades.
  • I hope to work my hardest through the year and pass math.
  • I hope to do well in school.
  • I hope to focus better in class , do my best this year and make the basketball team.
  • I hope this year will be successful and get through it fast so summer can come.
  • I hope to be able to sit next to my friends in class, to play on the school hockey team and to get good grades.
  • I hope to a 90+ overall average.I hope that I do well in math and do well in my exams.
  • I hope to pass math and to make friends.
  • I hope to get good grades and work hard.

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Homeroom 9-5

“I hope to…”

  • have a time!
  • make the Principal’s List
  • finish my homework before the due date
  • be happy!

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Homeroom 9-6

What is our hope for 2019-2020?

  • To build lasting relationships with my classmates that will remain through high school and hopefully even longer. I hope to achieve good grades and gain useful knowledge that will help me through my upcoming years and even through my career. I hope to only go through 2 boxes of pencils this year.
  • I hope that in this school year I become better at math and to improve my writing. I hope that my GPA is high for when I finish grade 9. I hope that no one picks on my little brother in grade 7.
  • I want to try and stay on top of school work. I really want grade 9 will be a year to remember. It would be nice if this year can be bomb threat free.
  • I hope to get better at NOT procrastinating; making the volleyball team; doing well on exams (over 90); to see JoJo Siwa live in concert.
  • I hope that this one person stops being mean and rude to everyone because it makes her look bad. I want to work harder and make new friends and become closer to others.
  • I hope to make a few new friends. I hope to understand science more and do more labs and mix chemicals. I hope to have a good school picture for the wall.
  • To become stronger as a person and to work hard to achieve as much as possible. I hope to learn from any past mistakes and to make an impact big or small on someone’s life. I wish to study hard and to obtain success. I hope to become a leader for others.
  • I hope to graduate and to finish my new PC for gaming and school work.
  • I hope I get to learn lots of new things, that I grow as a person, and that I can impact people’s lives for the better.
  • I hope I can make more friends in my class this year.
  • To be a generally well-liked and nicer person. To have more patience. To do better in French and math.
  • I Hope to go to Holy Heart next year; to balance 4 dance classes, 3 choirs, 2 instruments, 3 school music ensembles, and school. To end the year with my 3rd honours with distinction (principal’s list), to complete my first year of Duke and to see JoJo Siwa in concert.
  • To have a good average and do my homework on time and well. Get good grades in every subject. I also hope to stop procrastinating.
  • To stay focused on my school work and pay extra attention in class. Be more friendly and talk to more people.
  • To get good grades. To make a sports team.
  • To get good grades and that all course averages are above 80% by the third term. Do the Duke program and complete the bronze, silver and gold trails in the future. To make some sports teams to help represent MDJH.
  • To get good grades. To not be stressed getting stuff done on time.
  • To try harder in school. To get better grades. To stop procrastinating. To stay organized.

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Homeroom 9-9

“What is our hope?”

  • I hope to get good grades.
  • I hope to pass.
  • I hope to do good in school.
  • I hope to get better at Math and French.
  • I hope to get better at Science.
  • I hope to make Easterns 2020 and to do good in school.
  • I hope to do my best in every class.
  • I hope to get better at French and to get better grades.
  • I hope to get good grades.
  • I hope to get good grades and prepare for high school.

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Teachers / Staff

“I hope…”

  • For all my students to be their best selves and work to their potential.
  • To enjoy this season of mists and mellow fruitfulness in these last years of my career; to relax in my enjoyment of being with students and instructional playfulness.
  • To be true to myself and my students. To release the expectations others have of me.
  • For all students to have a least one good friend in school.
  • For all my students to feel comfortable and safe in my classroom.
  • For students to enjoy coming to school and feel motivated to do their best.
  • For all of my students to feel like they can do well, despite any past struggles. Together we can overcome them.
  • For everyone to feel and stay safe.
  • To engage students in learning and for them to look forward to coming to my class.

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