MDJH Annual Thanksgiving Food Drive

Macdonald Drive Junior High has had a long tradition of taking part in the annual Thanksgiving food drive.  This year our school community felt it was important that we take part.  Every student is asked to help out by bringing in a non-perishable food item. Items will be counted and the top 3 Homerooms with the most items collected will receive an ice cream prize.  Food items will be accepted Wednesday and Thursday

Math Problem of the Week Returns!

The Macdonald Drive Junior High Math Department is proud to present the first of this year’s Math Problem of the Week questions today. Your teachers will present them to you in homeroom, or by request, and submissions should be done electronically (that is, emailed to Mr. Shane Lambert).

Please, write your final answer to the question, your name, and your homeroom, in the body of your email submission and pass it along to Mr. Lambert by the due date located on the bottom right of the problem.

The names of participants with correct responses are entered into a draw and the winner receives a free extra value meal from McDonald’s.    

MDJH Virtual Curriculum Night

Our Virtual Curriculum Night will be on the evening of October 7th from 7 to 8pm. You should have already received an email from your child’s Homeroom teacher giving you the details. If you have not, please reach out to them before October 7th.

In other years, our administration of Ms. Pike, Ms. Hardy, and Ms. Riggs would present a slideshow to start the evening. We can’t do that this year, but here is the slideshow for you to view before you meet with the teachers.

Go ENG Girl – Saturday, November 21

Go ENG Girl is a engineering free workshop for girls in grades 7-10. This event will be virtual this year, and will take place on Saturday, November 21. The participants will take part in some live, virtual sessions, as well as work on independent activities at home to report back to the group. The commitment would be from 9:00am – 2:30pm, with some of this time being online.

Given that the event is virtual, access to a device, the internet and the ability to take part in the live calls will be required. Kits are being prepared for participants that will include most of what will be needed to complete the activities. Some household items may be required.

Participants will have the opportunity to meet some inspiring mentors, learn about the vast career opportunities that engineering can offer, try out some coding and have fun solving some interesting design challenges.

Registration will launch on Wednesday, October 7 at 9:00am. You will be able to access the registration through the link below.

Spaces are limited for this event. If you have any questions, please contact:

Kathryn Hong | Coordinator for Outreach Activities

Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science

Memorial University of Newfoundland

T 709 864-3108


Bus Update

MDJH along with NLESD are very pleased to announce that we have received 3 additional buses to help with our student transportation. All homes with students that are eligible (according to Government policy) for busing have been contacted. This will start effective Monday morning, October 5th.

For a summary of how eligibility is determined, as well as how bus routes and bus stops are developed, please see the District’s Bus Route & Stop Design Guidelines. Seating plans will be developed for the updated routes at a later date once the courtesy seating process has concluded. However, we ask that students continue to follow the general loading procedures as follows:

Load from back to front;

Siblings sitting together

Please go to the District’s website and select the school bus icon on the far right that is associated with your school to locate the student’s bus route, bus stop, and pickup/dropoff schedule.


Even if a student was eligible for transportation on the first day of school and assigned a bus route, please review the updated routes on the website because the student’s bus route and/or pickup/dropoff times may have changed with the redesign of bus routes and extra buses.

We ask for your patience as there may be delays to the pickup/dropoff times as we work out any issues that typically arise when new routes are implemented at the beginning of the school year.

Thank you for your patience and continued support.

Visit the School Library – Online!

Ms. Power is hard at work getting the school library up and running for students. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, students are not allowed to physically browse the books, but have no fear! Ms. Power has a solution! Simply click on the link below, and you can browse our books online! Requested items will be delivered to students in their classes, and returned items will be quarantined until they can be safely shelved and checked out again.

Check it out by clicking

Virtual Curriculum Night, Busing

Happy Wednesday! It’s hard to believe that it is already the end of September, with the temperature expected to be 24 degrees! On that note, we have a couple of updates to share.


Although more buses were promised, we have NOT yet heard about the ones assigned to us. We have been assured the extra buses are on their way, but they have NOT yet arrived. As soon as we know, we will send an update. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

Curriculum Night

The 2020 school year has challenged all of us to do things in a new way. We have designed Curriculum Night a little differently.

  • Instead of meeting face to face, homeroom teachers will be emailing an invitation for a Google Meet video conference to you. Use this link on Wednesday, October 7, at 7 pm sharp to visit with your child’s homeroom teacher, subject teachers and other parents from your child’s class.
  • The teacher will re-introduce themselves, share their contact information and let you know where you can find information about subjects, including course evaluations.
  • We will then follow the Day 1 schedule and for the next 5 classes you will meet – in 5 minute intervals – with the other teachers that help your son/ daughter on their learning journey.
  • Since we are all experiencing this virtual world together in this new way, we ask that you have patience. As it has been said many times, technology is wonderful when it works.
  • As a backup and for those unable to attend, homeroom and subject teachers will make sure you have digital access to all of the information that will be discussed.

Thank you for all of your support! It is so good to be back!!