MDJH Update – April 27

A couple of items to share:

School Supplies

We are now in the last stretch of the 2021-2022 school year. Please refresh your child’s school supplies. We have been receiving many requests at the office for pencils, pens and paper.

Pizza Day

On Friday, May 6, MDJH will be having a pizza day! The minister for Windsor Lake, the Honorable John Hogan, will be providing pizza to all MDJH students! There will be pepperoni and cheese pizzas, and there will be a gluten-free option available at the office.

Rapid Tests

Students will be coming home with 10 more rapid tests (2 boxes). The homeroom teachers will be distributing these to the students today.

School Community

Please remind your children to be their best selves at the food establishments and other businesses in our community. We continue to get calls complaining about the behaviour of students. Also, please remind them to use the crosswalk.

Exciting addition to our MDJH Webpage

We have added a new link, ‘Morning Announcements,’ to the main menu on the school’s web page. The MDJH community are now able to check the announcements read over the PA to students each day. They will be posted each day by 8:15.

Happy Holidays from MDJH!

As we get ready to celebrate over the break, we at MDJH would like to wish all the members of our community a safe and relaxing holiday. We’ll see our students back here on Monday, April 25th, where it will be Day 1 on the schedule.

Happy Easter
Pesach Sameach
Ramadan Mubarak

Contest: How Many Eggs?

Guess how many eggs are in the jar, and you could win the eggs! Guesses must be handed in to your homeroom teacher or to the office. In the event of more than one student guessing the correct number, a winner will be selected from a random draw of the correct guesses.

The winner will be announced after lunch on Thursday!

How many eggs in the jar?

MDJH Logo Contest 2022

Students of MDJH…
2022-2023 is the 50th Anniversary of our school!

To celebrate, we invite you to create
a new school logo!

To participate:

  • Submitted designs must be the original work of the entrant
  • Participants agree entries will become MDJH property and may be edited and/or reproduced


  • Highlight activities that take place at MDJH
  • Feature events happening around us that connect with our community

Forward your designs to, or
or drop hard copies to the Art Room (Room 227)

The deadline for entries is Monday, May 2nd, 2022!

Science Fair Results

This past weekend the Eastern Regional Newfoundland Science Fair was held and many students from MDJH participated. The following is a list of the award winners:

Junior Life Sciences

Bronze Medal
The Concentration of Vitamin C in Citrus Fruits
Alexander Evermann – MacDonald Drive Jr. High School

Bronze Medal
Teeth Whitening Strawberries
Alishba Azrin & Nate Lake – MacDonald Drive Jr. High School

Bronze Medal
Influence of Caffeine on the Stroop Effect
Joyeeta Goyali – MacDonald Drive Jr. High School

Silver Medal
Does the Five Second Rule Work?
Vidya Chedella – MacDonald Drive Jr. High School

Gold Medal
Algae: The Future of Biofuels
Alpita Patro – MacDonald Drive Jr. High School

Junior Physical Sciences

Bronze Medal
How Sugary Drinks Affect Your Teeth
Matthew Earle & James Piercey – MacDonald Drive Jr. High

Silver Medal
Which Super Glue is Stronger?
Abbey Janes – MacDonald Drive Jr. High School

Silver Medal
Do Rubber Dryer Balls Reduce Drying Time?
Millie Janes – MacDonald Drive Jr. High

Intermediate Life Sciences

Gold Medal
Growing An Organ: How Stem Cells Can be Used to Bioengineer An Organ
Adhira Ganesh- MacDonald Drive Jr. High

Intermediate Physical Sciences

Honorable Mention
Effect of Surface Tension at Air-Fluid Interface on Floating and Sinking…
Orpa Hawlader – MacDonald Drive Jr. High School

Special Awards

2022 Sanofi Biogenius Canada Award – Eastern Newfoundland
Algae: The Future Of Biofuels
Alpita Patro – MacDonald Drive Jr. High

Alpita’s project was named one of the best three projects in the fair this year and Alpita was also chosen to be part of Team NL at the upcoming Canada Wide Science Fair!

Logo Design Competition

The onsite Logo Competition won by Doris Chavey Juarez in Grade 7.

Huge congratulations to all who participated!