Activity Day Permission Forms

On Friday, February 26th, we will be holding our annual Activity Day as part of Green Apple Days / Spirit Week. Students were given a list of the available activities on Friday morning, and were asked to select one activity that they would like to participate in, as well as two alternate activities should their first choice be full. Permission forms were also given to students for activities that are held off of school grounds, and these forms need to be signed and returned to the homeroom teachers as soon as possible.

In the afternoon we will be hosting Mr. Gary Summers and his hypnotism show, where Grade 9 students can try to be hypnotized (signed permission form required for this as well), and the rest of the student body will enjoy the show.

There is an associated cost of $10.00 for most activities (Breakout NL costs $20.00), and some activities require specific clothing (helmet and skates for skating, gym clothes for the Field House, etc.). This fee will help offset the costs associated with busing and the activities themselves.

Students are expected to participate in one activity in the morning and attend the show in the afternoon. This will be a great day!