Looking For Skills Canada Team Members

14th Annual Skills Canada Intermediate Challenge  – November 26, 2016

College of the North Atlantic- Prince Philip Drive Campus

We are looking for competitors to represent our school in the upcoming Skills Canada Intermediate Challenge.  These competitions are open to students in Grades 7, 8 and 9.

The deadline for the identification of candidates to represent our school is 2:30 pm of Monday October 17th.  If we get more students interested than we are allowed to send for the specific competition then we will have an in-school competition to help us with the selection.  Once the selection is made, the registration forms and fees will need to be submitted to be Mr. Gillard in Room 119 by 2:30 pm of Monday October 31st.  This year all student competitors are required to pay the $10.00 non-refundable registration fee.  Each registered student will receive a T-shirt and snack on the competition day.

Our school is pre-registered for the following competitions. 

  • Graphic Design (One student)
  • Public Speaking (One student)
  • Job Search (One student)
  • Job Skill Demonstration (One student)
  • The Pitch (One student)
  • Website Development (One student)
  • Workplace Safety (One student)
  • Model Wind Turbine Challenge (Team of Two)
  • Junior Chef Challenge (Team of Two)
  • Hairstyling Challenge (One student)

When they become available, the competition scopes (the details specific to the individual competitions) will be posted at http://www.skillscanada-nfld.com/competitions/intermediate-competition

Last year’s competition scopes are currently posted so you can see what is involved.  Most scopes vary very little year to year.

We pre-registered for the following competitions as well.  Note that the following competitions have their teacher mentors in place and these mentors are conducting a separate student selection process in these areas based on the extracurricular groups they sponsor.  If any students are interested in the following competitions please contact the teacher noted to see if the competitors to represent our school have been determined yet or not.

  • IT Network Systems Administration (Team of Two) Student Selection and Mentor – David Walsh
  • TV Video Production (Team of Two) Student Selection and Mentor – David Walsh
  • Lego Robotics (Team of Ten) Student Selection and Mentors – Caleb Thorne and Phillip Smith
  • Photography Student Selection and Mentor – Colette Quann

Any questions? … do not hesitate to contact Mr. Gillard in Room 119 or email wadegillard@nlesd.ca.