MDJH Supports the Muslim Community

Many of you will have heard by now of the events that happened Sunday night in Quebec City, where there was a shooting in a mosque during evening prayers. Six men have died, and many more are injured. They were fathers and teachers and shop owners – they were human beings with lives and dreams.
We at MDJH want to express our love and support for the families in Quebec City who have lost their loved ones, and for the broader Muslim community who has been the target of this act of violence. As a gesture of support, we will send a delegation of students and teachers to the event “Human Shield— Protect our Mosques St. John’s”. This delegation will include our school’s Student Council, some of our school’s Muslim students, as well as some MDJH teachers.  People are asked to come to the mosque at 430 Logy Bay Rd. in St. John’s on Friday around 12:30 to greet members going in for prayers.  Any members of the public are welcome to attend.