Exam Week Reminders

Exams start on Wednesday, June 14th. For the exam schedule and regulations, please click here.

All school lockers have to be cleaned out and the locks returned to homeroom teachers by the afternoon of Tuesday, June 13th. Students who are missing locks will have to pay a replacement fee of $10.00. Any items left in lockers after Tuesday afternoon will be subject to removal and/or disposal.

All school textbooks (except English, Science, and Math) are to be returned to subject teachers before exams. Remaining textbooks are to be handed in before the start of each exam. If textbooks have been lost, students will have to pay a replacement fee. For the book costs, please click here.

If a student plans to leave the school after an exam, or will not be attending school on June 19-21, a note (written or email) must be sent to the homeroom teacher giving permission for the student to be absent.  Otherwise students are expected to remain in the school Study Hall until they are dismissed at the end of the day,