Report Cards and Parent-Teacher Interviews

Report Cards are going home with students today. If a student is not in school today, their card can be collected from the office.

Parent-Teacher Interviews will be held on Thursday, November 30th from 1:00 to 7:00 pm. Students will be dismissed at the start of the regular lunch period (11:21 am), and there will be regular bussing at that time.

To arrange for an interview, parents/guardians are asked to refer to the OPTIS document (please click here to view a copy) for instructions. The OPTIS system will be open today from 2:30 pm today (Monday) until 9:00 am Thursday morning. Once OPTIS is closed, please contact individual teachers to arrange for an interview.

To go to the OPTIS site, please click here, or click on the OPTIS button on the left sidebar.