Science Fair Results

Another year, another science fair! We are again very proud of the students who took part, mostly grade 7’s of course but also a few dedicated grade 8 and 9 science students. We had 109 projects registered by about 150 students, and 13 judges.

Judges were very impressed with the overall caliber of the projects and enjoyed the experience of talking with our students, who represented us well. Science teachers want to express all our appreciation for all who pitched in and helped us out to make this happen, for your help with supervision in the fair and patience with the general chaos and mayhem.

The students who will represent us at the Regional Science Fair are:

Grade 7

  • Liam Power, 7-2
  • Alex Hollett and Noah Ryan, 7-3
  • Emma Pittman and Abby Lynch, 7-5
  • Jackson Porter, 7-6
  • Sydney Chislett, 7-6
  • Richelle Squires (7-6) and Lily Skinner (7-5)
  • Heather Smart and Elizabeth Mckay, 7-6
  • Sara Stuckless and Lauren House, 7-8
  • Maria Antle and Erin Blundon 7-8
  • Adeola Oloruntobi, 7-9
  • Tanish Bhatt, 7-10
  • Merrin Winter, 7-11

For students in grades 8 and 9, the science fair project was not a course requirement. The intrepid souls who took on the extra challenge will also have the opportunity to present it at the Regional Science Fair. They are:

Grades 8 & 9

  • Grace Brown and Sophia Hawco, 8-6
  • Ellie Piercey (8-6) and Eliza Somers (8-5)
  • Julia Andrews 8-8
  • Leila McCrate 8-9
  • Sarah Healey 9-5
  • Cameron Jeans 9-7
  • Declan Workman 9-8

The Science Department