MDJH at the Regional Science Fair

MDJH was well represented at the Regional Science Fair this year. They all did a fantastic job both displaying and presenting their projects to judges and the public.

The following students received awards:

Junior Physical Science Bronze Medal
-Sara Stuckless and Lauren House
-Julia Maunder

Junior Physical Science Gold
-Liam Power
-Leila McCrate

Junior Life Science Bronze
-Maria Antle

Junior Life Science Gold
-Tanish Bhatt
-Grace Brown and Sophia Hawco

Special Awards:
Memorial University Dept. of Earth Science Award
-Leila McCrate

Memorial Department of Psychology Award
-Tanish Bhatt

Memorial University Faculty of Engineering Award
-Adeola Oloruntobi

SHAD NL Innovation Award
-Leila McCrate

Women in Science and Engineering Award
-Emma Pittman and Abby Lynch