Dunk Tank – Friday, June 7th!

Ever dream of dunking your teacher? Now’s your chance! On Friday, June 7th, MDJH will host a Dunk Tank at lunchtime, and Ziggy Peelgoods will be here as well!

Tickets to try a dunk will be sold in advance on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of next week during recess and lunch!

  • 1 ball= $2
  • 3 balls= $5
  • 7 balls = $10
  • 15 balls = $20

Tickets will also be sold for those interested in purchasing Ziggy’s for that lunch time!

  • fries ($5)
  • poutine ($7)!

ALL tickets will be sold in advance and there will be no tickets available the day of!

The dunking will start promptly at 11:25 am and will run until the bell at 12:14 pm. Mr. Porter will draw tickets from the basket and we will dunk until we can dunk no longer.

Students MUST be present and ready to throw the ball when called to dunk their chosen teacher!

All proceeds will go towards funding our Children’s Wish drive. We may even have special guests here from Children’s Wish as well!