215,931 Lines of Code

That is the number of lines of code 22 Homeroom groups (approximately 528 students) wrote in their Technology courses during the 2018 – 2019 school year as part of our “Hour of Code” initiative. Actually most classes completed “Three Hours of Code”. Students used an online app called Coding Studio to complete exercises focused on the fundamentals of computer programming i.e. Coding. The exercises utilized an user-friendly interface (the Blocks) which use the programming language Javascript.

An extension to our Coding exercises in select Grade 7 and Grade 9 classes has been the use of a micro-computer product called the BBC Micro:bit. Students used an online app called Microsoft MakeCode to extend their Coding to a device separate to the Computers from which the Coding was being completed. As expressed by many students … “This is Really Cool Sir!”

Mr. G. would like to thank his colleagues in the Science Department for helping the school to secure the approximately $1000 worth of Micro:bits which were donated through the non-profit organization Kidscodejeunesse.org and the Government of Canada CanCode initiative.