MDJH School Science Fair 2020

Our school science fair on March 12 was a great success. It showcased mostly grade 7 students, with the addition of a few determined scientists in grades 8 and 9. In all, we had almost 100 projects registered, with fifteen judges drawn from St.John’s scientific community. Judges were very impressed with the overall caliber of the projects and enjoyed the experience of talking with our students. The science department is proud of all our students who participated and excited to announce the top projects of the MDJH Science Fair 2020. These students will represent our school at the Regional Science Fair at the regional Husky Energy Science and Technology Fair on April 24-25 at the Marine Institute, accompanied by science teacher Mrs O’Leary.

Grade 7

  • Ibrahim Anwar, 7-1
  • Billie Taylor, 7-2
  • Sydney Nichols, 7-2
  • Orpa Hawlader, 7-3
  • Sawyer LeBlanc, 7-3
  • Caroline Hubley and Maria Stone, 7-5
  • Megan McCallum, 7-5
  • Nancy Hassan and Karlee Butt, 7-6
  • Ella Brown and Sophie Rideout, 7-6
  • Alexander Kennedy and Sam Beckett, 7-8
  • Grace Ryan and Quinn Schmiedendorf, 7-8
  • Eric and Emily Guzzwell, 7-9
  • Olivia Harding and Isla Growns, 7-9
  • Sarah Jewer and Breanna Woodrow, 7-9
  • Andrew Squires, 7-9
  • Lucas Osborne, 7-9

For students in grades 8 and 9, the science fair project was not a course requirement. The intrepid souls who took on the extra challenge will also have the opportunity to present it at the regional Science and Technology Fair. They are:

Grades 8 & 9

  • Dipayan Dhar, 8-1
  • Meghna Saha and Olivia Pike, 8-1
  • Lakshmi Chedella, 8-3
  • Hadi Shaikh, 8-3
  • Tanish Bhatt, 8-4
  • Farah Farah, 9-1