Cafeteria Menu 2020-2021

Chartwells will begin cafeteria service on Monday, September 14, 2020. There is a new practice to keep everyone safe:

  1. Chartwells has new safety practices. Click HERE to view.
  2. All ordering and payment will be done online. Orders will be accepted until 7:45 the morning of the order day. There will be NO in person ordering. Class reps will pick up each Homeroom order the last few minutes of Period 3 and bring back to Homeroom, where students can either:
    1. eat their lunch with their cohort in class or,
    2. bring their lunch outside – weather permitting- to eat.
  3. To access online ordering parents/ guardians need to sign up for CafZone. The link is HERE.

Please keep in mind that all of our local food establishments are operating under Public Health restrictions at 50% capacity.