Safe Return to School UPDATE

Good morning, as we settle into the new school year, just a couple of quick reminders.

  • Morning Drop Off. To alleviate the congestion on Toronto Street as you enter the MDJH parking lot, please move up all the way to the STOP sign. This allows more cars onto the parking lot. Students being dropped off use the left hand door, and are reminded to use hand sanitizer and wear their masks as they enter the building.


  • Afternoon dismissal. We are dismissing students in a staggered fashion. Bus students are moving directly to their bus. The problem is students that are being picked up are congregating by the student entrance. We have been reminding students about social distancing particularly when they are NOT wearing their masks. Please help with this message as all evidence has shown that maintaining social distancing is the main way to prevent transmission of COVID 19. When social distancing is not possible, then masks are to be worn.


  • Lunch. Students are permitted to leave at lunch. To keep our students safe, they are NOT permitted to bring back items from food establishments. As well, parents/ guardians are not permitted to drop off fast food/take out items. Instead, families are encouraged to 1. Pack a lunch. 2. Sign up for CafZone – Chartwells on-site food provider. 3. Eat lunch with their child outside the school. We recognize that things happen and the best laid plans do not always work. Money can be dropped off to students and we will page students from their class to retrieve the money directly from their parent/guardian. Please help us by understanding that this should not be a regular occurrence.


  • Returning from Lunch. Doors open at 11:50 and students are required to go directly to their Homeroom. When off school grounds at lunch, students should be practicing social distancing and wearing their masks when distancing is not possible.


  • Lockers. We are working through a plan to assign lockers to students. This will be done in a planned and deliberate fashion. To ensure social distancing between cohorts, students in the SAME cohort may be required to share lockers.

Thank you for your continued support.