Take Kids to Work Day 2020

Take Our Kids to Work Day 2020 is a career exploration event for students in Grade 9. This event is not promoted by NLESD, but it is one that may appeal to some parents and/or students. This year it is scheduled to be a virtual event.

If you would more information or would like to have your workplace participate in this event, there are some steps that must be completed.

  1. Visit The Learning Partnership at https://www.thelearningpartnership.ca/take-our-kids-to-work to register your workplace.
  2. Parents or guardians have to visit The Learning Partnership to register a student to participate.
  3. An email must be sent to MDJH to confirm the student’s participation, so that they are not marked as “Absent Unexcused”.

Please note that this is an event for Grade 9 students only. Students who participate are responsible for worked covered in class during their absence.