School Updates

A couple of updates to keep you informed:

Lockers – We have assigned lockers to our students and will be issuing locks to students who would like to have their lockers secured. Please remind your children, lockers are only for coats and boots. Students will only be able to go to their lockers when they need to drop off or pick up coats and boots, not during class time, and students are not to linger with their friends in the hallway in front of their lockers.

Bell Let’s Talk Breakfast – Bell Aliant and KES have come together for the “Bell Let’s Talk Day,” Thursday, January 28. Everyone will participate in a conversation about mental health while enjoying a nutritional snack.

End of Term 1 – Term 1 will be ending on January 31. As per policy, all work must be passed in by the end of term 1, unless prior arrangements have been made with the subject teacher.

Keep up to date – Our School Website and current MDJH newsletter have all the latest info and updates!

School Closure – Any time school is closed due to weather, updates will be available on the NLESD School Status Report website or the school Twitter account. We do not send emails to the school community for weather closures. We would only send out emails informing of a school closure if only our school was affected.

Stay safe and well.