School Operations in Avalon During Public Health Level 4

In consultation with the Department of Education and Dr. Janice Fitzgerald, Chief Medical Officer of Health, the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District (NLESD) is preparing to resume full-time in-school instruction for all K-9 schools in the Avalon region. Meanwhile, high schools which cannot operate in Scenario 1, due to an inability to cohort and recently revised Public Health protocols, will all operate under the Scenario 3 (full-time online instruction) model.

These models will remain in effect until at least Thursday, April 1, and will be re-evaluated at the end of the scheduled Easter Break on April 9.

Please note, in Avalon Region:

● All K-9 students will begin full-time in-school instruction under Scenario 1 (near normal) on Thursday, March 18, with recently-updated health and safety protocols in place. These students will remain within their class cohorts throughout the school day.

● All high schools will continue to operate under Scenario 3 (full-time online instruction), with the exception of a small number which can operate under Scenario 1 due to an ability to cohort within a small school population.

Please note: In schools where in-school instruction has resumed, teachers will be engaged in face-to-face instruction, and online classes will not be available.

The District will continue to work closely with the Department of Education, educational partners, the Chief Medical Officer of Health and Public Health officials in the various regions of the province, to adhere to the recommendations and advice provided as the school year continues.

Avalon Region School Scenarios The following schools, or grades within schools, in the Avalon region will be operating under a Scenario 1 or 3 model. See: Protocols for Online Learning (Scenario 3). Specific start times for schools will be communicated to staff and families by the school administration.

Scenario 1 – In-school Instruction (66 Schools) – Effective March 18

  • All Primary/Elementary/Intermediate schools
  • Dunne Memorial (K-12)
  • Fatima Academy (K-12)
  • Horizon Academy
  • Hospital Schools
  • St. Catherine’s Academy (K-12)
  • Stella Maris Academy (K-12)

Scenario 3 – Online Instruction (19 schools) – Continuation. Effective Immediately

  • Ascension Collegiate
  • Baccalieu Collegiate (Grades 10-12 only)
  • Baltimore School (Grades 10-12 only)
  • Carbonear Collegiate (Grades 10-12 only)
  • Crescent Collegiate (Grades 10-12 only)
  • Gonzaga Regional High
  • Holy Heart Regional
  • High Holy Spirit High (Grades 9-12)
  • Holy Trinity High (Grades 10-12 only)
  • Laval High School (Grades 10-12 only)
  • Mobile Central High (Grades 10-12 only)
  • Mount Pearl Senior High (Grades 10-12 only)
  • O’Donel High School
  • Prince of Wales Collegiate
  • Queen Elizabeth Regional High
  • Roncalli Central High (Grades 10-12 only)
  • St. Kevin’s High (Grades 10-12 only)
  • St. Michael’s Regional High (Grades 10-12 only)
  • Waterford Valley High