Science Fair Results

Congratulations to our participating MDJH students, as they obtained great results from the the Eastern Newfoundland Regional Science and Technology Fair Orpa Hawlader – Surface Tension on Floating Objects and Cheerios Effect Gold Medal – Junior Physical Science First Place Overall Junior Project – $250 Canada Wide Science Fair Finalist 2021 Dipayan Dhar – Here… Continue reading Science Fair Results

Upcoming Chess Event

On May 1, Chess Buddies Canada will be hosting the first ever Simul Event! Daley Merrigan (current highest ranked chess player in NL) will be leading the event and will be taking on all challengers! It is a great opportunity to play a strong chess player! The only requirement is for players to have a… Continue reading Upcoming Chess Event

Condensed Day Q & A

This Q&A is to clarify points contained in a letter sent by the English School District on April 27, to families of MDJH students regarding the condensed day that will be implemented in certain junior high schools to limit mixing of cohorts outside of the school environment during the school day. When is this starting?The… Continue reading Condensed Day Q & A