Year End Message to Junior High Schools


TO: Families of 7-12 Students

FROM: Andrew Hickey, Assistant Director of Education-Programs (Avalon Region)

DATE: May 6, 2021

SUBJECT: YEAR END MESSAGE TO JUNIOR/SENIOR HIGH SCHOOLS – FAMILIES __________________________________________________________________________________

This memo is intended to provide direction for families of Junior and Senior High School students relative to the final days of instruction in June of 2021.

Schools will provide meaningful, engaging learning opportunities for all students up to and including the days prior to report card pick-up in the final week of school. Learning and instruction will not end when we normally would have at the beginning of an exam period. We expect all students to attend their classes.

It is important for students to know that learning will continue, and they will have every opportunity to improve their grades up to the end of instruction. Students will be able to demonstrate improved competency and this will be reflected on the final report distributed on the last day for students. How this looks in each school may be different as school teams consider opportunities to build rich learning activities for their students.

For the vast majority of schools, Thursday, June 24, is the scheduled pick-up day for report cards. Scenario 2 schools will have to use Wednesday, June 23, as well. Schools will communicate arrival and dismissal procedures in the near future.