School Resumes Tomorrow – January 4

Hello to our MDJH community. We hope you all had a safe and enjoyable Christmas break. School will be resuming tomorrow, January 4th, in an on-line format. Here are some notes to help you have a successful First Day back at MDJH.

  • Tomorrow, January 4th, will be Day 5 on the schedule.
  • Students will follow their regular 5 period schedule, just as if they were attending in person.
  • Here is our daily schedule:
    • Period 1 – 8:13 – 9:10
    • Period 2 – 9:11 – 10:0
    • Recess – 10:08 – 10:23
    • Period 3 – 10:24 – 11:21
    • Lunch – 11:21 – 12:14
    • Period – 4 12:15 – 1:12
    • Period 5 – 1:13 – 2:10
  • Students will start the day in Period 1, as there will not be a homeroom period.
  • Attendance will be taken in each period. Students are expected to attend every class, just as if we were in the school itself.
  • Recess and lunch breaks are built into the schedule. Students should use that time to stretch and move about, use the washroom, or grab something to eat.
  • Classes may not last the full scheduled period, and will be a combination of different teaching strategies. There may be direct teaching, group work, individual assignments, etc. Each class will be conducted at the discretion of the teacher in charge.
  • The Google Meet link for classes will be in each teacher’s Google Classroom.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your child’s subject teacher, or the administration.