MDJH Update – Jan 22

Thank you for picking up the Rapid Test Kits so rapidly. You were instrumental in our distribution success!

On Monday, January 24, there will be no school for students. We will be back to in-school instruction on Tuesday, January 25, and it will be Day 6.

The first Rapid Test needs to be completed by students on Saturday, and the second test needs to be completed on Tuesday morning before school. This is a change from an earlier email.

Proper mask-wearing is extremely important while in the building. This current COVID variant is highly transmissible. The first line of defence is wearing a mask, and we will be strictly enforcing mask usage. Students who consistently refuse to comply will be sent home until they agree to follow the masking rules. The only exceptions will be while eating or drinking, during vigorous physical exercise, or for students who have a medical exemption.

Please use a medical mask or a three-layered cloth mask. One-layered masks and buffs are not to be used.  

Our goal is to stay safe and healthy during this time while providing the best educational opportunities for students. This is a difficult time for everyone, thank you so much for your support.

Also, here is some information for when you complete your Rapid Test: