Macdonald Drive Tutor Mentoring Program (MDTMP)

MDJH will be partnering with Gonzaga High School to provide a wonderful learning opportunity to our students. The Tutoring for Tuition program allows high achieving, trained tutors from Gonzaga to work with our students in specific areas where they would benefit from extra support and instruction. This program is free for participants.

These sessions will tentatively take place at Gonzaga High School on Thursdays from 3:00 to 4:00 (with the possibility of additional sessions being added if requested). Parents/Guardians would be responsible for transporting their child(ren) to Gonzaga. There will be no session on Thursday, April 14 as that is the last day before Easter Break, but then we will proceed every Thursday after the Easter break, up to and including Thursday, June 16.

There will be an Orientation/Meet and Greet on Thursday, April 7, at 3:00 at Gonzaga School for students who are interested.