Update on Return to Classes 2022-23

On Wednesday, September 7, the 2022-23 school year will resume for K-12 students in Newfoundland and Labrador. After three school years spent under the COVID-19 pandemic, the priority for this school year will be to maintain in-person learning.

Students, teachers and staff should expect schools to reopen under the same conditions as when classes ended in June 2022:

  • Masks continue to be recommended in schools. The prevalence of illness-related absences will be monitored throughout the school year and, if necessary, masking requirements may be introduced at a school or regional level to maintain in-person classes.
  • Students, teachers and staff should stay home if they become sick. However, people with COVID-19 symptoms related to other known causes (e.g. runny nose due to allergies or lingering cough from prior illness) can still attend.
  • All students, teachers and staff should stay up-to-date on their vaccinations. These are key to minimizing disruptions during the school year by lessening self-isolation timeframes and allowing for a faster return to the classroom.
  • Parents, especially of Kindergarten students, should ensure their children start the vaccination process as soon as possible. For more information, visit www.gov.nl.ca/covid19/vaccine.
  • All classrooms and most common areas in schools throughout the province have air filtration and purification systems which were installed last year.
  • Junior high and high school students will continue to have access to Chromebook devices. These were instrumental for online learning during the past year, and they have ongoing value for extending learning inside and outside the classroom.

On August 23, the Department of Education will join over 90 front-line teachers, as well as educators and representatives from both school districts, the Newfoundland and Labrador Teachers Association, Memorial University and College of the North Atlantic at a second learning impact symposium, focusing on the K-12 system. The first session, which focused on the post-secondary system, highlighted a need for greater collaboration between all parties in addressing the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

After the second session a working plan will be developed, which will be released publicly this fall.

“Our approach prioritizes the importance of in-person learning and activities that contribute to the academic, social and emotional well-being of students. We hope students, teachers and staff enjoy the reminder of their break and we look forward to welcoming you back in September.”
Honourable John Haggie
Minister of Education