Cross Country News

Congratulations to all of our cross country runners for an amazing performance at Wednesday’s regional qualifier race.

  • Aidan Douglas once again finished with a commanding lead over his competitors and placed first in the junior boys race.
  • Allison Duffett also gave it her all and placed first, earning herself another gold medal.
  • Millie Janes finished strong and was awarded the bronze medal.
  • Abbey Janes was right behind and placed 4th, followed by Julia Bassler who placed 5th.
  • Katie Furlong qualified as our 5th runner for the team and their combined scores ranked our school as the junior girls qualification tournament champion, earning a banner and the opportunity to compete at the provincial championship race in Stephenville.
  • Alex McGrath, Lucy St. Croix, Jack Tilley and Kaden Maloney all ran strong races and should be proud of what they accomplished too.

Great job runners!

Coming Together

At MDJH we acknowledge and appreciate the many diverse cultures and ethnicities in our school. Coming Together is a student-driven club that plans to help students coming from different ethnic backgrounds integrate into the school community, as well as share and learn each other’s cultures. The club is open to all students from grades 7-9. Students will be able to speak their native language and socialize with others. Students who are learning English as a second language can join the group and receive peer tutoring. This group can help students build a greater understanding of inclusivity, multiculturalism, and diversity. The group will meet every day 7 in the art room (room 227) starting on October 17th. The meeting shall take place during lunch hours. If you have any questions, concerns, or are looking to join this group please contact Alpita Patro (