Europe Trip 2024

Thank you to all those who attended the information session for parents and students on February 9. If you were unable to attend, please see the attached travel brochure, which includes the itinerary and registration details. It is important to note that this trip is ONLY for current grade 8 and 9 students (not current grade 7’s). Providing there is still space available, up until Friday, February 24, ONLY STUDENTS may enroll.  After this date we will also allow parents to enrol as paying travellers. This will allow the parents who wish to travel to take advantage of the early enrolment discount (until the end of February). The purchase of travel insurance is mandatory – see information attached. Please be sure to read all the terms and conditions before signing up.

Furthermore, any student travelling with us is expected to be well-behaved at all times. Please consider this carefully before registering your child and read the code of conduct information attached. The school and district reserve the right to remove students from the trip who are not behaving in school up until we travel – this includes those at Gonzaga next year.

Once everyone is enrolled, we will be using email as our main means of communication. We will get email addresses from the students and establish a group email.

Please email me with any questions – Jodi Sauvé (

Travel Brochure: Europe 2024 brochure.pdf

Code of Conduct: Code of conduct.pdf

Travel Insurance: Travel Insurance.pdf