Team Tryouts

Athletic Tryout Schedule (updated 18 September)

  • Wednesday, Sept 18th : Gr 7 Boys Basketball Tryout (2:30-4:00pm)
  • Wednesday, Sept 18th: Gr 9 Girls Basketball Tryout (4:00-5:30pm)
  • Thursday, Sept 19th: Gr 8 Boys Volleyball Tryout (2:30-4:00pm)
  • Thursday, Sept 19th: Gr 7 Girls Volleyball Tryout (4:00-5:30pm
  • Thursday, Sept 19th: Gr 8 Girls Volleyball Tryout (5:30-7:00pm)
  • Thursday, Sept 19th: Gr 9 Girls Volleyball Tryout (7:00-8:30pm)
  • Friday,Sept 20th: Gr 9 Boys Basketball Tryout (2:30-4:00pm)
  • Friday, Sept 20th: Gr 8 Boys basketball Tryout (4:00-5:30pm)
  • Sunday, Sept 22nd : Gr 9 Boys Volleyball Tryout (2:30-4:00pm)
  • Sunday, Sept 22nd : Gr 8 Boys Volleyball Tryout (2:30-4:00pm)
  • Sunday, Sept 22nd: Cheerleading Tryout (5:30-7:00pm)
  • Wednesday, Sept 25th : Gr 7 Girls Basketball Tryout (5:30-7:00pm)
  • Wednesday, Sept 25th : Gr 8 Girls Basketball Tryout (7:00-8:30pm)

ALSO! MDJH is currently looking for a grade 7 boys volleyball coach. Please contact Mr. Scott Mercer if you are interested in coaching this team.

Heritage Fair winners

Congratulations to Andrew Harris (8-1), Ananya Antony (8-2) and Daniel Penney (8-9) on placing 1st in their category at the School Heritage Fair on Thursday, March 26th.   Ananya  placed 1st in the Technology Category, Andrew had the winning English project while Daniel placed first in French Immersion. These three students will represent the school at the Regional Heritage Fair which will be held at Macdonald Drive Junior High May 1st-2nd. Congratulations to the winners and best of luck at the  regional fair.


Ally Wragg Gold Medal Winner at Skills Canada Competition!

Intermediate Challenge - December 2014MDJH student Ally Wragg (8-6) won a gold medal for photography at the Skills Canada Provincial competition this past Friday.  She will be representing MacDonald Drive Junior High and the Province of NL at the Nationals being held in Saskatoon this May.  Here are her winning photographs. The stairwell shadow figure, was her winning photo  in the Skills Canada Intermediate competition last December.  The soldering shot was the one that the judges awarded gold for the Provincial competition this past Friday. Congratulations Ally!

Provincial Challenge - March 2015-2

MDJH Science Fair

Tomorrow, Thursday March 12th is MDJH Science Fair Day!

MDJH School Science Fair 2015 is tomorrow March 13th, from 1:30 to approximately 5:00 pm. Parents and friends are invited to visit starting at 2:30. Our science students have been busily and creatively at work designing and performing experiments and building models, and many of them will be proudly showing off their work at our School Science Fair. Come and talk science with us!