Pi Day Results

Pi -Day Winners!
We want to thank all the students who participated in the Pi-Day activities. There were a lot of correct answers to the Pi-Day challenge question so we placed all the names in a bag and Mr. Hopkins drew the winners.
The winners of the Pi-Day challenge question are as follows:

  • Grade 7 – Eloise L. in 7-9
  • Grade 8 – Aline C. in 8-6
  • Grade 9 – Robyn F. in 9-6

Again we want to thank all the students who tried their best with the memorizing of Pi Digits! The winners are:

  • 3rd place – memorizing 85 digits – Aya S. in 7-6
  • 2nd place – memorizing 141 digits – Charlotte H. in 7-7
  • 1st place – memorizing 142 digits – Rianna J. in 7-8

Congratulations to all the participants!