Macdonald Drive Junior High wins Provincial Environmental Award 2015

Macdonald Drive Junior High won the Provincial Government 2015 School Environmental Award. This award is won by: individuals, schools, organizations, and businesses in our province for outstanding achievements in environmental conservation. The MDJH Environmental Club, under the direction of Ms. Rose Drover, built an outdoor seating area in front of the school which included: benches, garbage and recycling cans, planters, flowers and seasonal bulbs in the front area of our school.  As well MDJH has taken care to recycle beverage containers, recycle older Christmas cards into gift tags, and make Halloween costumes from recycled products, along with many other environmentally friendly projects. Our school is very proud of their many accomplishments in changing our climate to help create a cleaner and safer place for our students to grow up. Together we can make a difference, one project at a time. We challenge other schools in our province to do the same and make a change to our climate and hopefully win the Environmental School Award 2016. MDJH Environmental Club is proud to be part of “Climate Change 2014-15” school initiative in partnership with Conservation Corps NL, Government of NL (Environment and Conservation), the Women’s Institute and MMSB. Together we can make a difference!