Federal Candidates Speak at MDJH

Since the recent federal election call, several of our Grade 9 classes have been spending time in their English classes learning about our system of government and what the election means in hopes that they will become future voters. Today we were very fortunate to have three of the four candidates for St. John’s East speak to these students about themselves, their parties, and their platforms. We extend a sincere thanks to Nick Whelan (Liberal), Jack Harris (NDP), and David Parsons (Green). It was a very informative session, and the candidates were asked a number of questions by our students. During the week of October 15 – 18, there will be a Student Voting Station set up in the school, as MDJH takes part in the national Student Votes program. After the election, we will be able to see how our students voted in comparison to the general public. We are very interested in seeing how MDJH votes!

Liberal Candidate Nick Whelan.

NDP Candidate Jack Harris.

Green Party Candidate David Parsons.