MDJH Report Cards / Parent-Teacher Conferences

Report Cards will go home tomorrow (Friday, November 30). Please sign on to PowerSchool and click on each subject grade to see the breakdown and individual marks by course. Please note that teachers may have included additional data since the printing of the Report Cards. PowerSchool represents the MOST recent grades. If you do not… Continue reading MDJH Report Cards / Parent-Teacher Conferences

MDJH at Skills Canada 2019

On Saturday, 27 students from MDJH participated in the 17th Annual Provincial Skills Canada competitions. There were approximately 500 students from across the province participating. Congratulations to all students for representing your school so well throughout the day. As well, we wish to extend a special congratulations to the students who achieved medals and awards.… Continue reading MDJH at Skills Canada 2019

50/50 Ticket – Update

There was a mistake on the letter that accompanied the tickets. The ticket sale deadline is December 10, and the winner will be drawn on December 12. Thanks once again for your understanding.

Soy Butter Products

In 2011, after close examination of the peanut butter replacement products that are currently on the market and in consultation with legal counsel, the former Eastern School District determined that given the similarities in appearance, texture and taste they would restrict these products in schools where a student has a peanut allergy. Please be advised… Continue reading Soy Butter Products