MDJH Report Cards / Parent-Teacher Conferences

Report Cards will go home tomorrow (Friday, November 30). Please sign on to PowerSchool and click on each subject grade to see the breakdown and individual marks by course. Please note that teachers may have included additional data since the printing of the Report Cards. PowerSchool represents the MOST recent grades. If you do not have your PowerSchool login information, please contact the office.

Parent / Guardian Conferences will take place Thursday December 5th from 12:30pm until 6:30pm. Students will be dismissed at 11:21am (the regular lunch time) on that day.

To schedule your Parent / Guardian conferences, you will need to sign up through the Optis system. If you need information on how to use Optis, please click here to download the instructions. Due to time constraints, you will be limited to a maximum of three conferences . You may also be placed on a waiting list for some teachers, and will have to arrange a meeting outside of this scheduled time.

Please Note – Conferences will not be able to be scheduled until 2:30pm on Friday, November 30th

Click here to go to Optis.

Thank you for your continued support.