School Opening / Bus Route Updates

MDJH will remain closed tomorrow, Monday, January 27th due to student safety and ongoing snow clearing. A further announcement will be made Monday afternoon regarding Tuesday’s school opening status.

High schools will be opening at regular time tomorrow, Monday January 27th.

If you are unsure about the reopening of any given school, please check the school status at

School Bus Route Adjustments
• Due to ongoing snow clearing/removal requirements on certain school bus routes in the St. John’s metro region, some routes have been temporarily adjusted.
• See for a listing of all schools in the St. John’s and metro region. If your school is open, please note whether your regular bus route has been temporarily adjusted. If there are no changes at your school, this will be indicated. If there are changes at your school, all bus routes are listed and those with changes are indicated.
• These adjustments will be in place for the week of January 27-31, inclusive. An update will be provided at the end of the week with respect to the week starting February 3.
• Scheduled pick-up times may vary. Students are asked to be at their assigned bus stop 10 minutes ahead of schedule. There may, however, be delays. Dress appropriately.

For more information, please see the latest NLESD news release.