Curbside Pickup of Personal Items – Friday, May 15th

On Friday, May 15, curbside pickup of personal items will be available for parents/guardians for the students in their household.

To make arrangements, parents/guardians must email Ms. Pike at and indicate:

  • Student Name and Homeroom
  • Locker Number, if known
  • Personal item(s) to be retrieved. Please identify clearly what items are needed. You must be specific as there are students that share lockers.

Once the request is received, parents/guardians will receive a specific time on Friday, May 15, to retrieve the item(s). It is very important that parents/guardians adhere to this time as item(s) will be bagged and organized using these times.

The bagged item(s) can be picked up curbside at the student entrance of Macdonald Drive Junior High. To limit contact and to follow safety protocols, parents/guardians are asked to pop the trunks of their vehicle and the item will be placed in the trunk. Parents and guardians will then close the trunk, as staff personnel are not permitted to touch vehicles.

There will be no entry to the general school area.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact Ms. Pike at the address above. Take care. Stay safe.