A Few Reminders from MDJH

Parent Teacher Interviews:

  • On Thursday, December 10, we will be closing at 11:21am for our virtual parent-teacher interviews.
  • Buses will arrive at 11:21 to take students home. 
  • In order to access your parent teacher video conference, sign in to your OPTIS account on a device that has a camera and microphone and press the “meet” button. The teacher will show up in that space at the start time.
  • If you requested a phone conference, the teacher will contact you. The call may come from a blocked or a strange number, so please answer during your meeting time.

12 Days Christmas Chaos at MDJH – We continue to celebrate our 12 Days of Christmas Chaos at MDJH. The schedule is posted below:

Masks – We need your help. Most students are arriving at school with masks, unfortunately, after lunch some of the students misplace them. On average we are passing out 50+ masks a day. There is a shortage and we are waiting on our supply. In the meantime, we would greatly appreciate it if you could send your child with 2 masks daily in case one gets misplaced. 

Friday, December 18 – This will be the last day before the Christmas holidays. Students will be dismissed at 12:30 and buses will be available to take the students home. This will be a compacted day, meaning classes will be slightly shorter, and we will be skipping lunch to have the early dismissal. We are suggesting that students pack a nice recess as there will be no lunch, and there will also be no cafeteria services available on that day.