MDJH Virtual Museum

The 8-9 Virtual Museum was a project that was designed to connect the pieces of our current reality, in a Covid-19 lockdown at home, in a virtual classroom, with the history curriculum that we are studying in Grade 8. The students were tasked with asking members of their family about artifacts they might have at home and to gather information and pictures that they could then present virtually as a part of our MDJH virtual museum. With our classes being virtual and the students being home, it was the perfect time and place to bring everything together. The variety of artifacts that they found and the stories they told are incredible.

The result is a fantastic collection of artifacts from around the world that highlight our history and who we are as a society. The project has allowed students to connect with their families, their community, and each other. They became the teachers of history, and they have done their job exceptionally well.

To visit the Virtual Museum, click here.