Reminders for Thursday

We are looking forward to seeing our students face-to-face tomorrow!

Just a few gentle reminders that we would like you to review with your child/ren before tomorrow:

  • In-class instruction will begin Thursday, March 18. It will be Day 1. All students are expected to come to school and attend class for face-to-face instruction.
  • Bussing – Bus runs will start their normal run at normal time. ALL students will be required to wear masks over their mouth and nose while travelling on the bus to and from school.
  • Masks are to be worn at all times while in school (with the exception when eating and in gym). Please pack 2 -3 extra masks in case one should be misplaced. We will NOT be providing masks to students to replace lost ones. If a student does not have a mask, we will make a call home.
  • Cohorts – Students cannot wander the halls or go from one class to another visiting friends. They have to remain in their class with their cohort. They are permitted to leave the school at lunch.
  • Lockers – students may access their lockers only to drop off their coats and boots when they are entering and exiting the building. Their supplies will remain in their class so they will not be permitted to access their lockers at any other time during the school day.
  • Cafeteria service is available tomorrow but their online ordering system is down. So students are asked to write their order on a piece of paper and it will be collected with their money during homeroom.

Thank you in advance for your continued support.