District Memo – Condensed Day

April 26, 2021 Dear Families,

This letter is to advise families of an adjustment in the schedule for students attending select junior high schools in the St. John’s Metro region.

As of Monday, May 3, students attending Beaconsfield Junior High, Frank Roberts Junior High, Macdonald Drive Junior High, and St. Peter’s Junior High will see their school day compressed, resulting in a shorter lunch period and a dismissal time approximately one hour earlier than usual.

After consultation with the Department of Education, school administrators, and teaching staff at these schools, it was determined that this move would limit the opportunity for students to mix with other cohorts during the school day. During this condensed day, all students will be required to remain on school property at all times.

Individual schools will communicate changes to their specific schedules. It should be noted that administrators and teaching staff will work additional short breaks into the school day, and make every effort to bring cohorted classes outside for breaks and instruction whenever possible.

Beyond the timing adjustment in the afternoon, student transportation arrangements will remain unchanged. Bus runs will remain the same for morning pick-up, but will return students home approximately one hour earlier in the afternoon.

We recognize this has been a challenging school year for many students and families, and that this change to the school schedule may mean some personal adjustments for families. This will, however, help limit the potential for mixing of cohorts outside the school environment during the school day, thereby allowing your school to more effectively adhere to the latest Public Health recommendations and remain open.

We sincerely appreciate your continued help in protecting the safety of our schools at this time.


Andrew Hickey Assistant Director of Education (Programs), Avalon Region