Report Cards / Parent-Teacher Interviews

  1. Report cards will be sent home on December 3. We will be sending home paper report cards this year.
    • Marks and teacher comments will also be available on-line through PowerSchool.
    • If you need access to PowerSchool, please contact
    • PowerSchool provides the most up to date marks information for students. By clicking on the overall mark you will even get a breakdown of all your child’s individual assessments. 
  2. Parent-teacher conferences will be held on December 9 from 12:30 to 6:30 pm.
    • We will be using OPTIS to arrange these conferences.
    • OPTIS will give you the option to arrange a phone conference or a video conference – there will be no in-person conferences this year.
    • Here are the links to Optis and the user instructions for parents.
    • OPTIS will open on December 3, and will close on December 8.