Student Absences During Class Time

We have had inquiries from parents wishing to take students out of school during regularly scheduled class time. We realize that many of the excursions that families have can be very educational. However, when school is in session it can be very difficult for a student to catch up with their classmates, and it is our preference that the student not miss any school.

If you do have plans to take your child out of school for an extended period of time for whatever reason, it is the responsibility of the parents to send a written notification of the planned absence (preferably email) to the school principal requesting permission for your child to be away. Ms. Pike will consider the reasons for this absence and provide information and advice accordingly. Otherwise, the absence may be considered unexcused.

When a student misses school for a family vacation or other non-school-related activity, they are responsible for any work missed while away, and they are also responsible for getting this missed work from a classmate when they return. Teachers are not required to prepare work in advance for a scheduled vacation/non-school activity, or to spend time re-teaching something that the student misses. This responsibility falls to the student and his/her family.

The homework website and Google Classrooms are updated daily and students can avail of these while away to keep up to date, or to catch up when they return. Any assignments that would be due when a student is on vacation must be completed before he/she leaves. Any tests or projects completed while a student is away will be given to the student upon return, or prior to leaving.

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