TO: Students and Families at K-12 Schools
FROM: Dr. Janice Fitzgerald, Chief Medical Officer of Health
DATE: June 22, 2022
SUBJECT: Staying Up to Date on COVID-19 Vaccines

Congratulations! You have made it to the end of the school year. And what a year it was! I would like to thank each of you for everything you have done to protect yourself, your families, and your schools from COVID-19. There were many changes and challenges and, through it all, you adapted and persevered as you have done so many times before.

As summer, warmer weather, and vacations are upon us, it’s understandable that we’d like to forget about COVID-19. We can, however, have a wonderful summer and continue to do our part to keep COVID-19 under control in our province. In this regard, I encourage you and your children to stay up to date with your COVID-19 vaccinations. This is the best protection we have. It is important to get any vaccine dose that you are eligible for, even if you already had a COVID-19 infection. As a reminder:

  • If you are ages 5-11, we recommend that you get two doses given at least eight weeks apart.
  • If you are ages 12 and over, we recommend that you get two doses given at least eight weeks apart, followed by a booster dose at least 22 weeks after your second dose.
  • Some people are recommended to have a second booster dose given at least 20 weeks after the first booster dose. Please visit Get the Shot – COVID-19 Vaccine ( to see if you are eligible for a second booster.

If you had a COVID-19 infection, you should be recovered and have no symptoms at the time of your vaccine appointment. To boost your immune response, you can wait at least eight weeks after your recovery before getting a first/second dose, and at least three months before getting a booster dose. You can talk with your health care provider about the best time to receive your next vaccine.

You can book a vaccine appointment online by visiting the “Get the Shot” page ( Pharmacists and physicians are also offering COVID-19 vaccine; please contact your local pharmacy or clinic for details.

Wishing you a wonderful, safe summer filled with laughter, friends, and memories.