Last Day – School is OUT!

Thank you for another successful year at MDJH!

At this time, we would like to say our goodbyes to the following people.

Staff who were on replacement contracts for 2021-2022:

  • Ms. Lisa Bagg
  • Ms. Kim Osmond
  • Ms. Courtney Petten
  • Ms. Jenn Hanley
  • Ms. Jessica Smith
  • Ms. Kerri Bungay
  • Ms. Amanada Kennedy
  • Ms. Denise Hackett

Staff transferring to another school:

  • Ms. Alice Hunt
  • Mr. Phil Smith
  • Ms. Cheryl Coates
  • Ms. Christin Watton
  • Ms. Laura Clemens-Brenton

Staff retiring this year:

  • Mr. Dave Lawton
  • Mr. Glen Connolly
  • Ms. Donna Parsons
  • Ms. Christina Pike

Please join the MDJH staff in welcoming the following staff members to our MDJH family:

  • Andrea Deer (FI, Maths)
  • Lorrie-Ann Ralph (PASS)
  • Suzannah Healey (IRT)
  • Mark Goulding, as Social Studies Department Head
  • Stephen Bouzan (Math)
  • Jason Counsel, as Math Department Head


  • Carolyn Stacey, Principal
  • Bruce Mandeville, .50 Assistant Principal/ .50 Socials Teacher

Congratulations to the MDJH staff that are now in new permanent positions:

  • Colette Quann, as French Department Head

Updates on Awards

Given the move to Standards-Based Assessment in Math 7 and Math 8, we will no longer be issuing Honours and Principal’s List certificates in the 2022-2023 school year. As well, we will no longer issue the Academic Achievement Award for the top 3 marks in each grade. Instead, we will be looking at awards that are Department-based that reflect the whole student and are NOT focused on grades. This is necessary as the system moves towards Standards Based Assessment in all grades.

School Reopens for students Wednesday, September 6, 2022.

Have a safe and relaxing summer!