Cross Country

Congratulations to all of our runners for an impressive final race of the regular season.

  • Aidan Douglas once again demonstrated why he is the top runner to beat at the upcoming provincials by earning himself his fourth gold medal of the year.
  • Henry Pearson similarly dominated his race and won the gold medal in the Grade 7 boys race.
  • Millie Janes had a strong finish and won the silver medal in the Grade 8 and 9 girls race.
  • Matthew Earle came away with the bronze medal after a close sprint to the finish line.
  • Our Grade 7 Boys team, consisting of Henry Pearson, Jack Tilley, Kaden Maloney and Nathan Stanley, won first place after combining their scores. This is the third time that our Grade 7 boys have placed first as a team and they successfully secured themselves the team banner for this category.
  • Our Grade 8 and 9 boys, Aidan Douglas, Matthew Earle, Adam Masek, Ian Santos, and Alexander Fitzgerald, similarly did well and placed first as a team.

We are so proud of all of our runners and what they achieved this year. Just being able to run this distance is an accomplishment and to see so many of our students improve their race times was amazing. Everyone on the team deserves to be congratulated for all of their hard work and giving it their all during the races this year.

Way to go, Grizzlies!