Grade 9 Carnival Updates

The date of the Grade 9 Farewell Carnival is fast approaching! On the evening of May 26th, Grade 9 students will come together in the school to have a fun time with friends, activities, and food! This is a non-academic event where the Grade 9s will come together as the graduating class of 2022!

For more information and the permission form, click on this link.

We are asking parents to make sure the permission forms and the $20 fee are returned to the homeroom teachers as soon as possible.

As well, if you are able to donate gift cards that will be given away to students during the event, please send them in to the office.

Every year, Mme. Quann puts together a slideshow of our graduates to show at the carnival. We are asking all of our Grade 9 students to submit a baby picture to Mme. Quann, either by email at, or by bringing in a physical picture that will be scanned and returned to the student. The deadline for submitting a picture is Thursday, May 19th.